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    Course Image Java Software Development (Intensive)

    Java Software Development (Intensive)

    Learn Java, for real! Take a deep comprehensive dive into Object-Oriented Programming. Learn everything from data types to loops, up through generics, multi-threading, and lambdas. 200+ pages of documentation. 120+ custom video tutorials. 100's of lab exercises, examples and more.
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    Course Image Python Software Development (Intensive)

    Python Software Development (Intensive)

    Learn what you need to get started as a software developer from 200+ pages, 100+ videos and tons of quizzes, programming labs, and projects. You'll cover fundamental concepts of programming and learn Python. You'll also learn to work with the command-line interface and use version control with Git and GitHub. You'll get practice working with relational databases using SQL, and interact with data from the web using APIs. 
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    Course Image APIs and DBs With Python (FREE Short Course)

    APIs and DBs With Python (FREE Short Course)

    Mini-module detailing Python application integrations with both RESTful APIs and Relational Databases. Learn what a RESTful API is, and how to execute GET, PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE requests to 3rd RESTful APIs across the web. In addition, learn how to integrate your Python applications with Relational Databases using SQLAlchemy. Take your Python to the next level.
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    Course Image SQL & Relational Databases (FREE Short Course)

    SQL & Relational Databases (FREE Short Course)

    In this course you will learn how to work with the most common type of Databases: SQL-based relational databases. We will learn and train using SQL (Structured Query Language), an extremely common query language used from small applications to the internals of the world's largest companies. We will take a look at two different flavors of the SQL language (MySQL and PostgreSQL), and associated programs that allow for easier workflows.
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    Course Image (Re)Learning how to learn (FREE Short Course)

    (Re)Learning how to learn (FREE Short Course)

    In this module, you will revisit important concepts for your learning journey, tips for adopting a growth mindset and how struggling build the most new connections in your brain!
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    Course Image Intro to the Internet (mini-module)

    Intro to the Internet (mini-module)

    This mini-module will introduce you to the basic concepts of how the internet functions.